Blackjack Etiquette

Blackjack is a game that demands a player concentrate on the job at hand. Most people that play blackjack take the game very seriously. As such, there are some rules of etiquette that have to be strictly observed. Here are some tips that players might find useful.

Gamblers who are not intent on playing should watch from the sidelines and not occupy a place on the table. They are reserved for players who want a stake in the game. Watching the hands of players is fine as long as the players are not bothered by it. Maintain a respectable distance from the table. The same goes for empty chairs. They are not to be occupied but people can stand behind them and watch the game play. If gambling online, one can sit next to a friend to learn more of the game.

It is important to leave a tip to the dealer every 6 or so hands. This is not a requirement but it is a sign of courtesy. Although the dealer does not have any financial stake in house winnings, they are just dealers of the card. When tipping a dealer, one must make sure to put the chip/s outside of the paying area so that there is no confusion of what the chip is intended for. Some players attribute the tipping of dealers as a law of karma wherein a good deed deserves another.

Drinking during play is permissible. One must order drinks between hands for it can be distracting. Players should also not shout out the order for drinks but should silently motion for the waiter to approach. Most poker rooms have a set of stand by waiters that are instructed to approach players in between matches to ask for their orders. Drinks should be consumed with the least possible noise. Slurping or making loud noises with ones drink is frowned upon in the game.

Players should place their bets quickly and accurately. Waiting for players to put their bets on the table is not advised for it holds up the game.

When joining a table, players are advised to make short and simple introductions. Talk of the weather, food, or cars are not discussed at the table nor small talk allowed. The game is to be played with minimal banter.

When leaving the table, it is advisable to tip and thank the dealer. Thanking the other players in optional and not required. While the game of blackjack is a little less social that other games, one can still have a good time and have fun if the rules of etiquette are observed.


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