All About Blackjack Card Counting

You might have heard many stories of blackjack players using their card counting skills to break the bank at the casinos. True, some excellent blackjack players have become rich from playing the game, but it cannot be attributed to card counting. If card counting really worked all the time, then every blackjack player would win and the casinos would not be offering the game.

Card counting is a technique that many blackjack pros use to gain an advantage in the game. However, the advantage for the player is very small (about 1.5%) and can be achieved only after several thousands of hands. If you are planning to play blackjack only for a short period of time, then don't expect your card counting skills to shift the odds in your favor. Card counting only shows positive benefits after several hours of play and thousands of hands.

Actually, casinos don't really mind if you use your card counting skills in blackjack, even if they have specific rules and guidelines against it. A wide array of unfavorable rules for the player plus the existence of multiple deck games make it extremely difficult for ordinary blackjack players to beat the odds. Even the best blackjack players don't win all the time even if they use card counting techniques.

With that said, does it mean that you should stop playing blackjack? Of course, not! Blackjack can still be a winnable and profitable game as long as you rely on your strategies and techniques. You can still use your card counting skills, if you have any, as long as you don't excessively rely on card counting to the detriment of more solid blackjack strategies.

If you have the motivation, you can learn the more advanced card counting techniques. That is, if you are looking to play blackjack for the long term and treat the game not as a hobby but as a serious career. While card counting will mean only a few percentage points increase in your odds of winning, the small increase in odds is actually a huge improvement in your chances of winning.

All good blackjack players are good in card counting, but not all card counters are good players. If you want to be good in blackjack, then you should brush up on your blackjack strategies and techniques, practice playing to gain more experience, and use your wise decision-making during actual game situations. You don't have to rely on your card counting techniques to succeed in blackjack. With the right amount of strategy, game sense and experience, you have no need to count cards and can still end up winning at the blackjack tables.


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