Mental Strength of Blackjack Players

Great blackjack players are known for their intense concentration and unwavering focus. To be able to reach their level one has to be on a similar level of skill to be able to lock horns with them in a game.

To be a proficient blackjack player, one has to be able to control ones emotions, effectively use the different wagering systems, employ great strategy, relish competition, rely on trusted money-management skills, avoid any childish outbursts, and the will to absorb any bad-beats. Many people think that one can simply be the best by card counting and quick betting but the truth is that being the best requires more than carnival grade card tricks. It requires the intense focus of the mind on the task at hand.

Being a superb blackjack player requires more than reading How To books or picking up a 10 minute playing guide at the airport or bookstore. One must have an inkling for understanding numbers since blackjack involves the quick calculation of a players hand, and also others if needed.

Here are some of the cerebral skills required to be a top pro blackjack player in any tournament:

1. Ability to relax - this comes naturally with hours and hours of experience spent in mini-tournaments. 2. Concentration - many decisions and alternative choices have to be made in short spans of time. 3. Confronting risk play - must be comfortable losing to the house and other players for majority of the time one might be losing. 4. Avoiding Fear - fear of the game or being easily intimidated by other players. 5. Deflecting Pressure - must be able to withstand the expectations of many people. 6. Sidestepping any distractions - able to ignore them and continue with the game. Distractions comes in many forms such as pretty waitresses, catcalls, jeering and even applause. 7. Show of Confidence - can show to others that player can handle almost any sudden game tricks. 8. Being at Optimal play - being able to perform at ones best even under times of duress. 9. Post-assessment review - an honest self-evaluation to a days playing skill. 10. Control factors - staying ones comfort zone and playing the game their way.

Even with utilizing and training oneself to becoming a pro player, one has to realize how much of the game can a player actually control. Seasoned players estimate only about 15-20% is possible. The rest is up to chance. These are the odds of a high stakes game where players only have minimal percentages in taking control of the game to their side. Once a player has successfully maneuvered the odds in their favor, their chances of winning becomes greater.


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