Questionable Strategies in Blackjack

Players should always study different strategies in playing online blackjack. They should also aim to improve their knowledge about the game and on what to do in some situations. But a lot of beginners in blackjack who do not have the same knowledge have made their own strategies for the game.

These techniques are suitable for beginners but are flawed and will only cause players to lose their hard earned cash in the long run. Some of the strategies that beginners in blackjack often use are the do not bust technique. The goal behind this technique is that the beginner blackjack player has realized that when they bust they will lose their hard earn money, so they will avoid that scenario at all cost. Sounds good enough?

A beginners plan is to stand on any card hand that has a total of twelve or bigger and hope that the dealer will bust every time. But the loophole with this strategy is that there is no guarantee that the dealer will bust every time.

The casino edge increases to 4 percent by using this technique so it is definitely out of question. Another horrible strategy that beginners do is to always follow the lead of the dealer. In this technique, the beginner thinks that the best way to play is by imitating the actions of the dealer. This sounds a good plan to a beginner. They will hit with the sixteen or lesser number and stand on seventeen especially in the soft hands.

The problem with this strategy is that the player will never think to split their cards or doubling down because the dealer does not do these things. This throws the chance to maximize player opportunity on the table as doubling and dividing cards are two of the most appropriate techniques for players in blackjack. Imitating the dealer increases the casino edge to 5.5% so it is not a good move.

Another technique that blackjack beginners do is assuming the dealer has a ten card. Under this strategy, the player will think that the dealer has a ten card as their hole card. It is only 1/3 of the time that the dealer will have a ten card, so it means 2/3 of the player will be wrong.

This increases the casino edge to 10% which makes this strategy a bad one. Another usual technique that blackjack beginners do is that they stand on the soft hands like an ace-four.

The ace card can be played as a one or eleven so if players get a ten card on the next draw, they will still not bust. Beginners cannot comprehend this simple concept and will often be too hesitant to hit because they fear that they will bust.

Properly utilizing the power of the ace card is vital for the player and standing on the soft hands is not advisable. Players must never fear busting in blackjack. Players must focus on thinking how to win instead of how to avoid busting in the game.


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