The Option to 'Surrender' in Blackjack

The opportunity to surrender in blackjack is featured by some online casinos. It is an interesting choice for the player but a lot of players do not understand on how surrendering in the game will benefit them in the long run.

Like other wagering options in blackjack, if you know how to utilize Surrender correctly, it can give a good advantage to the player. But if you failed to utilize it fully, then you are just simply increasing the casino's edge.

So how does the Surrender work? If the Surrender option is featured in the casino that you are currently playing in, after you have receive your first pair of cards, you will have the chance to surrender and return your cards, the current hand ends and half of your original wager while the casino gets half of your bet.

So if you are given a bad hand by the dealer, you can get half of your bet back if you want do not want to go on with the game. Surrendering is not a bad option but some players feel that choosing to surrender in a game is a sign of weakness.

Why you should give up easily and let the casino get your wager without a fight? More often than not, these side wagers are favorable to the house but in the case of the surrender option it can help the player advance in the game.

Surrendering in the game will enable you to get half their wager instead of losing all of it. These bets that you have saved up will accumulate and will benefit you in the long run. You can surrender in the game if you see that you do not have the chance to win with the cards that in your hand like a fifteen or sixteen card. You can also surrender if the dealer has an up card of ten card or an ace card.

For example, you are holding a sixteen card hand; the dealer has a ten card and the table features the surrender option. You have 23% chance of winning if you pursue it to the end, so if you wager $10 dollars per hand and repeat this card hand 100X, the outcome will be that the number of times that you will win the hand =23 times x $10 dollars=+$230 dollars. The number of times that you will lose the hand=77 times x $10 dollars=-$770 dollars. Your total profit=-$540 dollars.

So you would have assumed that you will lose $540 dollars if you repeat this set-up 100 times. But if you surrender, you will recoup half of your bet if: Surrender: 100x x$5 dollars=-$500 dollars. Your overall earnings with this set-up are -$500 dollars. So in this set-up, you would have $40 dollars in your possession if choose to surrender your bad hand.

You should consider surrendering when you have a hand that is a hard sixteen and the dealer has a nine, ten or an ace and when you have a hand that is a hard 15 and the dealer has a ten card. The chance to surrender is a good option for blackjack players.

The casinos still earn a lot of profit from the surrender option because a lot of players surrender quickly without thinking it over. But if you use it correctly, it will help you to earn good profit.


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