Ken Uston was a great poker player, one that people will remember forever as the man who brought blackjack to the forefront of the gambling stage. Originally the vice president of a financial firm, Uston was a man who liked to gamble his whole life. Indeed, in time, as he began to be more and more proficient in the game of blackjack, he decided that he would go into it full time.

And go into it he did. He developed processes and techniques that assured him of winning. He and his cohorts made a fortune in blackjack games. All around the world they went, plying their trade and playing blackjack. However, once the casino officials got wind of what they were doing, they were banned from the casinos. However, that did not stop them, since the continued to play blackjack disguised. And they were kicked out time and time again, and were taken to court. However, they won the case, and the courts decided that what they were doing was not in fact cheating. However, in the years that followed, the casinos changed the rules and the game so that you could not count cards anymore. Be that as it may be, no one dismisses the fact that Ken Uston brought a new light to the world of blackjack.


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